Meet Laura, the Love Warrior

Love is the most important ingredient in the "soup" of life. Babies who are provided just their basic physical needs barely survive. Babies who are also given love and affection thrive! Laura Harju is a certified Life Coach whose expertise is in helping you to find True Love in your life. Her passion is to help you enjoy love and affection in your life so that you too can thrive!


After going through a breakup with her first True Love and experiencing a long row of Mr. Wrongs, she was in the point where she thought that True Love was something you experience only once in your lifetime. When surrendering to the fact that the only relationship that will last forever is the relationship with yourself, she cultivated her self-love and focused on things that made her happy. By doing so she was effectively using the Law of Attraction and attracted her second True Love in to her life, a relationship where the Love grows every day! These experiences with Mr. Wrongs, coupled with meeting her second True Love, Markus, is what has shown Laura that her true calling, her purpose in life, is to help as many people as possible to find True Love in their own life.


Through her coaching Laura helps single women find their True Love, so that they can share the big Love they have in their hearts. Laura assists her clients to identify their True Love, to experience more Love here and now, and to clear out mind’s obstacles to finding True Love. Laura loves working as a Life Coach because it allows her to contribute to people's lives in a much deeper way; and thanks to modern technology, Laura can serve clients worldwide!


Laura hosts a radio show Mosaic of Love on Coach on Fire Radio Network every other Monday at 7pm Finland time (9am PST, noon EST, 5pm UK) starting on Monday February 27th. You can find more information about Laura's radio show and listen to previous episodes here. The first guest on her show was Christy Whitman, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Art of Having It All.


Laura’s educational background includes a Coaching Certification from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy in 2016, a Registered Nurse Degree from the Turku University of Applied Sciences in Finland in 2014, and a Master's Degree from the University of Vaasa in Finland in 2012.


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